School Closures and Records

This resource is for students affected by private postsecondary institution closures.
It will serve as the central hub for information related to closed institutions, comparable programs, student academic records, and other important announcements.

Student Academic Records & Transcript Information

Students can request academic records by submitting an online form. This page includes a list of closed degree-granting institutions for which the Coordinating Board maintains records, instructions, and requirements for submitting the request form. The page also provides a contact for requesting information regarding other closed schools for which THECB does not have access to records.

Other Government Agency Resources

Students can find additional information on when and how to contact the following government agencies:

  • US Department of Education
  • Veteran Agencies
  • Texas Workforce Commission

Institution-Specific Information for Recent Closures

This information is maintained for approximately one year after closure:

Quest CollegeThe Art Institutes


School Closures and Records

Inquiries regarding school closures and records should be directed to Kathy Ivey.

Email Kathy Ivey