Private Postsecondary Institutions

The Coordinating Board authorizes accredited degree-granting private postsecondary institutions under a Certificate of Authorization and provides oversight of degree-granting private postsecondary institutions under a Certificate of Authority while they seek recognized accreditation. While operating in Texas, out-of-state public institutions are also required to seek authorization. Administrative rules governing degree-granting colleges and universities other than Texas public institutions can be found in the Texas Administrative Code, Part 1, Chapter 7, Subchapter A.

The Coordinating Board's oversight also includes the following regulatory and coordinating roles:

Monitoring the accrediting agencies that are recognized by the Board to accredit degree-granting institutions in Texas

Publishing information on institutions not authorized in Texas, including those institutions which have been found to be fraudulent or are deemed substandard based on the Coordinating Board’s standards

Approving use of "protected terms" as determined by the Texas Legislature.

Maintaining and preserving essential academic records

Providing letters of religious exemption

Registering institutional agents

Institution and Program Development

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Institution and Program Modification

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Institution and Program Review

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Recognized Accreditors

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Exemptions and Permissions

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School Closures and Records

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Fraudulent and Substandard Institutions

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