Governing Board Member Training

Texas Education Code (Sections 61.084 and 61.0841) and the Texas Government Code (Title 5, Subtitle A, Chapters 551 and 552, and Title 10, Subtitle F, Chapter 2256) require certain training for governing board members of Texas public institutions and systems of higher education. For your convenience, we have compiled a summary of training requirements to assist new governing board members in complying with these requirements. Links to the required training can be found below.

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For All Regents & Trustees

Online Training

The THECB provides an online orientation course for newly appointed regents and elected trustees for whom attendance at the annual seminar held in Austin would be a hardship; orientation must be completed during the member’s first year of service as a member of a governing board.

Instructions for Completing the Registration and Training Process for Regent/Trustee Online Training
Certificate of completion will not be issued until the registration fee has been received.

  1. Click on the registration link.
  2. Complete the electronic registration form and submit payment (credit card or electronic check only).
  3. View the training videos Community College or University.
  4. When you have watched the training videos, click the button at the foot of the video page to request your certificate of completion.
  5. If you have questions regarding this online training, please contact Mary Mitchell at

Note: The videos are accessed by clicking on the “Community College” or “University” links above (see step 3). 

For Appointed Members of Governing Boards

Intensive Short Course

Before voting on a budgetary or personnel matter, each governing board member who holds an appointive position and whose first year of service on the governing board begins on or after January 1, 2016, must complete the intensive short orientation course that includes best practices and transparency in trusteeship and governance.

Instructions for Completing the Intensive Short Course
There is no charge for this training course. 

  1. View the training video.
  2. When you have watched the video, complete the assessment found at Intensive Short Course Assessment.
  3. Upon completion of the assessment, send a notification email to Mary Mitchell at A certificate will be issued upon successful completion.

Higher Education Leadership Conference

In-Person Event

The THECB conducts an annual orientation seminar in Austin for newly appointed regents and elected trustees; orientation must be completed during the member’s first year of service as a member of a governing board.

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Additional Training Requirements & Sources of Information


Information for members of governing boards regarding open meetings, open records, and public funds investment training.

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