Partnering with Policymakers

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board leads programs and initiatives that build resiliency within the higher education system and support the growth of the Texas’ workforce and economy. 

We work in partnership with government agencies, policymakers, and institutions to provide objective, insightful data and analysis to inform higher education policy, funding and decision-making. With the goal of serving our diverse and growing population, these efforts support student access and success, and innovations that supply a talented, diverse workforce.  

We collaborate with government agencies and elected officeholders at the state, federal and local levels to bring objective context to higher education challenges that affect communities, regional economies, and postsecondary and workforce pathways.  

88th Texas Legislature

The 88th Texas Legislature convenes Jan. 10, 2023. We look forward to working with state policymakers to address students’ and institutions’ needs, support continued economic recovery, and Build a Talent Strong Texas.


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