Institutional Annual Reporting & Compliance

Private postsecondary institutions operating under a Certificate of Authorization are required to submit annual compliance reports. All postsecondary institutions under a Certificate of Authorization or a Certificate of Authority are required to maintain a surety instrument. This page provides templates and examples used to complete the annual compliance report and file a surety instrument. Links to data reporting resources are also available on this page.

Certificate of Authorization Annual Compliance Report

Submit all reports and supporting documentation via Certificate of Authorization Institution Portal (CAIP). Instructions for using the online portal can be found here: CAIP Submission Instructions. Inquiries regarding the CAIP Portal should be directed to

Surety Instrument Requirement

Certificate of Authorization and Authority institutions are required to file a current Surety Instrument with the Coordinating Board. For institutions with an active surety on file with the Coordinating Board, an original, signed surety rider or amendment may be filed with Annual Compliance Reporting. Guidelines, templates and a calculation worksheet are found under Resources for Institutions.

Student Data Reporting

Student data reporting resources for institutions operating under Certificates of Authorization or Authority. Inquiries regarding Student Data Reporting should be directed

Texas Higher Education Data

Resources for data on all types of postsecondary institutions in Texas, which includes information on past student data reporting.

Inquiries regarding Institutional Annual Reporting and Compliance should be directed to