Institution and Program Development

Private postsecondary institutions and out-of-state public institutions planning to operate in Texas (i.e., triggering physical presence) must obtain Coordinating Board approval to operate in Texas prior to advertising, offering degrees programs, enrolling students, or awarding credit toward a degree.

Institution and Program Development Details

Flowchart of Approval Processes

Approval processes for degree-granting colleges and universities other than Texas public institutions.

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Private Postsecondary Institutions Authorized to Operate in Texas

All degree-granting private postsecondary institutions which seek to operate in Texas or out-of-state public or private degree-granting institutions whose activities, including clinicals or internships, trigger physical presence must apply for institutional authority before offering degrees or courses leading to degrees in Texas.

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Accredited Institutions

Resources for institutions with recognized institutional accreditation.

The Certificate of Authorization Institution Portal should be used to submit all documents relating to applications, revisions, and reporting.

Surety Instrument Requirement for All Institutions

All institutions operating under a Certificate of Authorization or a Certificate of Authority must maintain a surety instrument as long as authorized to operate in Texas.

The surety instrument calculation worksheet must be used to calculate the surety amount required for an institution operating under a Certificate of Authorization or a Certificate of Authority.

Surety Instrument Templates


Institutional Authorization

Inquiries regarding institutional authorization should be directed to Cathie Maeyaert.

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CAIP Portal

Inquiries regarding the CAIP Portal should be directed to Paul Shuler.

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