Paying For College

Types of Financial Aid

Financial aid is an important resource that helps you and your family pay for college. This financial assistance can cover educational costs including tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and transportation. There are several types of financial aid, including grants, scholarships, and even some employment opportunities through work-study programs. Both the federal government and the State of Texas provide financial aid opportunities.

State Loan Programs

A student loan is money that you can borrow to pay for school that you later repay. It is one type of financial aid that students use to help pay for college costs that are not covered by other types of financial aid such as grants or scholarships. Since 1965, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) has loaned money to students who are residents in the State of Texas and are qualified to pay in-state tuition. THECB offers the College Access Loan (CAL)Program and Texas Armed Services Scholarship (TASSP) Program for those who meet the loan requirements.

Residency Information

Do you know if you are considered a resident for tuition purposes? At a Texas public college or university, residency status affects in-state tuition and financial aid. Your institution will help you determine your residency status based on specific criteria.

TXWORKS Internship Program

Texas WORKS: Reinforcing Knowledge and Skills Internship Program (TXWORKS) is a new statewide Texas internship program. This program provides undergraduate students with off-campus paid internships, funded in part by the state of Texas.