ADVi / Virtual Advising Project

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) has developed a virtual advising system, accessible by text message.

A chatbot named ADVi – short for “advisor” – uses artificial intelligence to provide on-demand support to Texans looking to attend or return to higher education. Right now, any student in Texas (age 13+) may access ADVi by texting “COLLEGE” to 512-829-3687 or by starting a freshman application in ApplyTexas

When students sign up to receive messages from ADVi, they receive:

  • The ability to ask questions about college 24/7 via text message,
  • Backup support from our virtual advisors if a student has needs or questions beyond what ADVi can provide, 
  • Student-friendly, accurate, and engaging messages about key college access milestones,
  • Information and tips to help with their college applications, planning, and financial aid, and
  • Resources to help navigate the transition to college.

The goal of the Virtual Advising Project is to help ensure more Texans have the information they need to access higher education and complete their certificates or degrees at Texas colleges and universities. This project supports the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s 60x30TX higher education strategic plan.

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