Developmental Education

More than 40% of students entering a Texas public institution do not meet state college readiness standards

Supporting Underprepared Students in Texas

The majority of these students start at public community and technical colleges. Among those who are not college ready in mathematics or English Language Arts and Reading, only 40%–60% meet readiness standards within two years, and about 25%–40% go on to complete a college-level course. With respect to completion of a degree or certificate within six years, non-ready students lag behind those who enter college ready in all subjects. Fortunately, the outcomes for underprepared students have been improving steadily over the past five years, and more progress is anticipated with the implementation of corequisite developmental education statewide.

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Corequisite Developmental Education

A New Direction

After years of steady but slow progress, Texas passed key legislation (House Bill 2223, 85th Legislature) that required institutions to scale for certain students a specific model called “corequisite” that had been showing impressive results in other states. Since implementation in Texas, corequisite models have provided the best opportunity for significant progress that supports not only the college readiness of underprepared students but also their first college-level course completions – important milestones for building momentum toward persistence and completions for this population.

A corequisite model is an instructional strategy whereby non-exempt undergraduate students who have not demonstrated college readiness in mathematics or English Language Arts and Reading are co-enrolled or concurrently enrolled in a developmental education course or non-course-based option (NCBO) and the entry-level, credit course within the same semester for the respective subject area.

The developmental component provides support aligned directly with the learning outcomes, instruction, and assessment of the entry-level credit course, and makes necessary adjustments as needed to advance students’ success in the entry-level course.

Professional Development

NEW! In partnership with Texas OnCourse, we are excited to offer free training modules for higher education and K-12 advisers. These modules provide up-to-date, comprehensive training for advisers on exactly what college readiness means in Texas and how understanding this concept holistically can impact advising practices. The Texas Success Initiative and developmental education are discussed in detail. To access the modules, register and login to the Texas OnCourse Academy and navigate to the following modules:

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Developmental Education & College Readiness and Success

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Developmental Education Reporting

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