Program Modification

Degree Program & Administrative Unit Changes

The form linked below should be used by institutions to submit the following types of requests:

  • SCH Changes
  • CIP Code Changes
  • Modality Changes or Additions
  • Degree Title or Designation Changes
  • New, Change or Closure of Off-Campus Program
  • Program Closure
  • Program Consolidation
  • Funding Model Change
  • Administrative Unit Changes
  • All Other Changes

CIP Code Change Guidance

Institutions must provide a rationale for a CIP code change request. These should include at least one of the following rationales: curricular change, faculty/faculty expertise changes, accreditation changes, or other compelling academic reasons.

Curricular changes that warrant a CIP code change would typically include more than 50% of the discipline-specific curriculum, though a new degree program request should be considered. If the request includes a change to a STEM CIP code from a non-STEM CIP code, curricular changes in learning outcomes (such as emphasis on the scientific method, quantitative research, etc.) would likely be present.