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IDD Postsecondary Programs

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Project Access Palo Alto College's Project Access is a unique program offered to individuals with documented intellectual disabilities. It is designed to support the student to access postsecondary education developing skills for gainful employment. The General Office Certificate is the first level of training for working in the Administrative Support field, and can lead to an Associate of Applied Science degree in Administrative Assistant. The program prepares the students to gain comprehensive skills and assume responsibilities in the workplace. Students will have advanced training with computer technology to prepare for the constantly changing and increasingly automated business environment. This is a cohort based program with a limited number of seats available per semester. Cindy Morgan 210-486-3027 View Details

IDD Services

INSTRUCTIONAL Services offered for students with IDD:

Palo Alto College's holistic student support model ensures that students receive support through the cohort model, small class sizes, note taking, and priority registration. The success of the students in Project Access can be attributed in part to smaller student to faculty ratios that allow for more individualized time with each student. New Project Access students are required to attend a New Student Orientation designed specifically for students registered with the Disability Support Services Department. The orientation emphasizes the rigor of the program and support services. Case Management advising with each student being advised each semester by the DSS Coordinator. Intrusive advising is part of the student success culture at PAC and is especially beneficial in working with Project Access students.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT/JOB SUPPORT Services offered for students with IDD:

Volunteer work

Community Service

Work study


ADDITIONAL Services  offered for students with IDD:

Palo Alto College does have other students with intellectual disabilities attending our college, and is not just limited to Project Access. All students that self-disclose to the Disability Support Services Department receive accommodations and are encouraged to participate in all activities that the campus offers. Project Access students are also encouraged to come to the DSS Office and seek homework assistance with our work study students.