Postsecondary Programs and Services for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities - Houston Community College System

IDD Postsecondary Programs

Program NAME Program Description Program Contact Person Program Contact Phone Number Program Details
VAST Academy VAST Academy provides post-secondary transition programs and comprehensive support services, which lead to meaningful credentials, employment and independence for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities(IDDs). Opportunities include vocational certificates, pre-college and freshman success bridge courses, career readiness credentials, internships and employment assistance offered through an inclusive, relevant and affordable avenue. Sue Moraska, Program Director 713-718-6833 View Details

IDD Services

INSTRUCTIONAL Services offered for students with IDD:

We have a specialized Transition Program for students with IDD's, VAST Academy.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT/JOB SUPPORT Services offered for students with IDD:


Volunteer work

Community Service

Person-centered planning

ADDITIONAL Services  offered for students with IDD:

Additional services are provided through a special program, VAST Academy.