Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM)
Advisory Committee

The Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM) Advisory Committee provides the Board with advice and recommendations regarding content, structure, currency and presentation of the Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM) and its courses; recommendations regarding field engagement in processes, maintenance, and use of the WECM; and assistance in identifying new programs of study, developments within existing programs represented by courses in the manual, vertical and horizontal alignment of courses within programs, and obsolescence of programs of study and courses.

Current Status

The WECM Advisory Committee is a standing, non-statutory committee, and its purpose is outlined in the Texas Administrative Code.

Meeting Schedule

The WECM Advisory Committee meets between two to four times per year. Agendas are posted in the Texas Register a minimum of 7 days before a meeting.


The WECM Advisory Committee membership includes representatives from public community, technical, and state colleges, as well as representatives from the Texas Association of Community Technical Educators (TACTE), the Texas Administrators of Continuing Education (TACE), and the Texas Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers (TACRAO). Voting members serve staggered terms of up to three years.

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Upcoming Meetings

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