Formula Advisory Committees

Pursuant to Texas Education Code, Sections 61.059(b-b-1), advisory committees provide advice and recommendations regarding a set of formulas that provide appropriate funding levels and financial incentives necessary to best achieve the goals of the state’s higher education plan.

Formula Funding Recommendations

The Board is mandated to present Formula Funding Recommendations to the Legislative Budget Board on June 1 of even years.

Formula Advisory Committee Meetings

In August of odd years, institutional representatives meet to answer the Commissioner’s charges relating to formula funding in preparation for the Board’s recommendation to the Legislative Budget Board.


Formula advisory committees are established for each upcoming biennium with institutional representatives for Texas Public Community, State and Technical Colleges (CTCFAC), General Academic Institutions (GAIFAC), and Health-Related Institutions (HRIFAC).

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Meeting Summary Notes and Materials

2023 Formula Advisory Committee Meetings for 2026-2027 Biennium

2023 Meeting Notes

2021 Formula Advisory Committee Meetings for 2024-2025 Biennium

2021 Meeting Notes