Lower-Division Academic Course Guide Manual Advisory Committee

The ACGM Advisory Committee is charged with making recommendations for additions, deletions, and modifications of courses in the ACGM. The lower-division courses fulfill degree requirements in bachelor’s degree programs, are identified in the Texas Core Curriculum, and are included in Field of Study Curricula. The committee membership includes nine two-year college and nine public university representatives. The committee reviews the frequencies that courses are offered and reviews statewide enrollment trends of courses. Members are faculty, department heads, academic deans, and administrators familiar with transfer course applicability issues and processes to align course content.

Established: 1996

Current Status: Standing, non-statutory

Meeting Schedule: At least annually.

ACGM Members: Members serve staggered terms of up to three years.

Upcoming and Recent Meetings

Meeting Summary Notes:

Inquiries should be directed to Marissa.Garza@highered.texas.gov.