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With THECB Scholarship Programs, Texans Can Access and Afford College Opportunities

By November 30, 2023THECB News

As National Scholarship month draws to a close, we want to acknowledge our partners and colleagues across the state in their efforts to raise awareness of the many scholarship programs available for both K-12 students and working-age Texans.  

This month, many scholarship providers posted information about their opportunities and opened applications to students. That includes us, for the Texas Leadership Scholars program.  

Across the state, educators have also been advising students on scholarship opportunities, using resources like the THECB’s Texas OnCourse to make sure they have the most up-to-date information.  

And all of us have worked and continue to work together to make sure more Texans can better afford a postsecondary credential. 

We applaud the institutions of higher education, employers, and other organizations making scholarship opportunities available to Texans. We at the THECB are also proud to offer and sponsor a variety of scholarship programs that help more Texans access and afford a pathway to a better life. Those programs include Texas First, Texas Leadership Scholars, and the Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program. 

These scholarship programs offer many students the opportunity to pursue a postsecondary opportunity when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Read more about them below. 

Texas First: The Texas First Program recognizes the drive of high-achieving Texas students by enabling them to fast track their path to college. Eligible students can graduate early from high school with a Distinguished Level of Achievement and receive a scholarship.  

The Texas First Program is designed to keep Texas’ best and brightest on a direct track to postsecondary education here in our great state. Texas’ top students can accelerate their postsecondary path and earn up to a year in scholarship dollars to attend any Texas public institution of higher education, including colleges, universities, and technical colleges.  

Texas Leadership Scholars: The Texas Leadership Scholars is a premier cohort-model scholarship initiative that supports high-achieving, low-income Texas students in their postsecondary aspirations. Students selected for the program receive financial support to attend a top Texas university and benefit from a peer network, mentoring, and more. 

Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program: The Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program is an excellent opportunity for military-bound students to receive up to $15,000 a year toward the cost of attending college. The scholarship is designed for students who plan to participate in an ROTC program while in college and are willing to commit to a minimum of four years of service in a branch of the military upon graduation. 

Students are nominated for this program by the governor, the lieutenant governor, and members of the Texas Legislature. Students do not need to live in the elected official’s district to be nominated. Nominations open each year in April and close in August. 

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