Unique Need Course Requests

Unique need courses are academic courses created by a college to satisfy a unique need and designed to transfer into a baccalaureate program. These provisions are found here in the Texas Administrative Code. Using the online submission system, the college must apply to the Coordinating Board for permission to offer the course. The request must be submitted at least four months prior to the date of student enrollment. Please review the forms and rules below prior to submitting course requests.

The application form for each unique need course must be accompanied by at least three unique need course recommendation forms that have been completed by public universities; a statement of need for the course; and a syllabus which includes a course description, detailed course outline, and objectives. Colleges are allowed to receive formula funding for contact hours generated by all current, approved unique need courses. A separate form is provided for courses which are offered at the upper-division level in an approved applied bachelor’s degree program.

Please submit all requests via the online document submission system below:


Unique Need Course Requests

Inquiries regarding unique need course requests should be directed to Amanda Austin.

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