Texas Success Initiative

Understanding TSI and College Readiness

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a legislatively mandated program designed to guide Texas public institutions of higher education in helping determine whether entering, non-exempt students are ready for entry-level college coursework in the areas of English Language Arts Reading (ELAR) and mathematics. Students are exempt from this program if they meet college readiness benchmarks on the SAT, ACT, STAAR English III or Algebra II EOCs, successfully complete the high school College Preparatory Course, among other ways (click here for a complete list of TSI exemptions).

Entering students who do not meet a TSI exemption will need to take the TSI assessment. Students who do not meet one or more of the established benchmarks of the TSI assessment are required to receive developmental education academic support as determined by the institution.

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For additional information, read the TSI Statute and THECB Rules for TSI.

TSI Assessment 2.0 (TSIA2) Resources

In response to user feedback and legislative requirements, improvements to the TSIA are reflected in the TSIA2. As of January 11, 2021, the original version of the TSI assessment is no longer available. However, all TSI assessment (TSIA/TSIA2) results can be used up to five years from date of testing. Information related to the original version can be found in this Student Informational Brochure and/or Interpreting Your Scores Brochure for information. Students who tested on the TSIA2 (January 11, 2021, and later) should refer to the documents below.

Additional Resources

Professional Development

NEW! In partnership with Texas OnCourse, we are excited to offer free training modules for higher education and K-12 advisers. These modules provide up-to-date, comprehensive training for advisers on exactly what college readiness means in Texas and how understanding this concept holistically can impact advising practices. The Texas Success Initiative and developmental education are discussed in detail. To access the modules, register and login to the Texas OnCourse Academy and navigate to the following modules:

  • Student Advising with College Readiness and Equity in Mind (designed for higher education advisers)
  • Advising All Students to Be College Ready (designed for K-12 counselors and advisers)

What Informs the TSI Assessment

The following academic standards were considered in the development of the assessment instrument for TSI. These standards were also considered by the content expert Item Review and Standard Setting teams whose work informed the college readiness benchmarks.


Texas Success Initiative

Inquiries regarding TSI should be directed to Suzanne Morales-Vale.

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College Readiness and Success Models Grants

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Texas Success Initiative Reporting

Inquiries regarding TSI reporting should be directed to Melissa Humphries.

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