House Bill 8 (HB 8) removed public junior colleges from the Formula Advisory Committee structure established under Texas Education Code, Section 61.059(b), requiring instead a “standing advisory committee composed of representatives of public junior colleges to provide advice and counsel to the coordinating board with respect to the funding of public junior colleges.”

The committee will have no more than 12 members, including representatives of each accountability group and of college CEOs, chief financial officers, chief academic officers (provosts), and institutional researchers or other experts. Members serve three-year terms unless otherwise provided by the commissioner and are appointed by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) on the recommendation of the commissioner.

The standing advisory committee will study and provide counsel and recommendations regarding the formulas, administration, and other components of the Public Junior College Finance Program established by HB 8 and carry out other charges issues by the board of the THECB or commissioner.

Name/Title Institution Accountablity Group Term
Ends June 1
Dr. William Serrata
El Paso Community College District Very Large Colleges 2026
Ms. Teri Zamora
Vice Chancellor of Fiscal Affairs
San Jacinto College District Very Large Colleges 2025
Dr. Jenna Cullinane Hege
Vice Chancellor for Institutional Research & Analytics
Austin Community College Very Large Colleges 2026
Ms. Jennifer Mott
Chief Financial Officer
Lone Star College System Very Large Colleges 2024
Mr. Chris Sullivan
Chief Financial Officer
Angelina College Medium Colleges 2024
Mr. Tex Buckhaults
Clarendon College Small Colleges 2026
Dr. Pam Anglin
Paris Junior College Medium Colleges 2025
Dr. Brent Wallace
North Central Texas College Large Colleges 2025
Dr. Leonard Rivera
Associate Vice President, Continuing Education & Off-Campus Programs
Del Mar College Large Colleges 2025
Dr. Jeremy McMillen
Grayson College Medium Colleges 2024
Ms. Brenda Claxton
Chief Financial Officer
Howard College District Small Colleges 2024
Mr. Ray Martinez
President and Chief Executive Officer
Texas Association of Community Colleges N/A (Representative) 2026


Inquiries regarding the committee should be directed to Chris Fernandez, Senior Director of State Funding.

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