TXWORKS Internship Program

The Texas Working Off-Campus: Reinforcing Knowledge and Skills (TXWORKS) Internship Program is a program that provides students with opportunities to build their resumes through paid and professional work experiences aimed at strengthening their career readiness. Texas college and university students that are hired by participating employers and meet program eligibility enrollment and financial assistance requirements will:

earn a minimum of $15 per hour;

intern a minimum of 96 hours over a minimum of eight weeks in Texas;

complete internships with challenging, meaningful, and real-work projects and tasks;

gain and strengthen career readiness competencies and skills to succeed in the workforce; and

increase confidence to make future career decisions, build professionalism, and establish relationships.

While the THECB administers TXWORKS, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) www.TXInternshipChallenge.com site supports TXWORKS Internship Program outreach to students and employers, the TXWORKS employer internship position postings, and the internship application process.

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