General Transfer Grant Administration Questions

If a student received a Transfer Grant in Fall 2022, are they allowed to receive a Spring 2023 award as well? (Added 02/01/2023)

Yes. Students were selected at random (same as Fall 2022). A student who received an award in the fall could also have been selected to receive a spring award.

Should institutions automatically award the Spring 2023 Transfer Grant to Fall 2022 award recipients? (Added 02/01/2023)

No. Transfer Grant recipients that received a Fall 2022 award were not automatically renewed for Spring 2023. The recipients for Spring 2023 were randomly selected, which could have resulted in some students being selected for both semesters. As a reminder, a student that is listed on your institutional roster is eligible for a Transfer Grant award.

Institutions were provided with “target” deadline of Feb. 28 to submit their Spring 2023 Transfer Grant Request for Reimbursement. What is the purpose of the “target” deadline? (Added 02/01/2023)

The purpose of the target deadline is to collect the reimbursement data sooner, so the THECB can assess the amount of spring funds that have been used. This assessment will allow the THECB to determine if additional funding may be available for reallocation.

How do we confirm that a student has been selected to receive a Texas Transfer Grant if they are not listed on our Recipient Roster? (Added 08/30/2022)

Instruct the student (if not already done so) to add your institution’s federal school code to their 2022-2023 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). After the FAFSA update is processed, the THECB will collect the student’s FAFSA data, enabling the student’s data to be added to your institution’s Recipient Roster during the next roster update. Once the student appears on your roster, you can package that student. If your institution receives the 2022-23 ISIR update but the student’s information never appears on your roster (7-10 business days after receipt of ISIR), contact Financial Aid Services at (844) 792-2640 or through CONTACT US (select “Financial Aid Question” as the Contact Reason).

How do institutions know which students have been selected to receive a Transfer Grant at their designated institution? (Added 08/30/2022)

The THECB began releasing Recipient Rosters to participating institutions on June 6, 2022, with weekly updates processed and released to institutions the following Friday, and every Friday thereafter (unless it falls on a holiday). Institutions can access these rosters through their MOVEit DMZ portal account, in the Transfer Grant folder.

Do students need to be meeting institutional Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy to receive a Transfer Grant award? (Added 08/30/2022)

No. Institutional SAP is not part of the eligibility requirements, therefore does not apply when a school official is awarding and disbursing Transfer Grant funds.

If institutions disburse funds 10 days prior to their census date, typically the second week of school, the student may NOT be eligible (e.g., dropped from 9 to 6 hours) at census. Should institutions pull back this grant?

An institution can choose to disburse prior to the census date since funds released by the institution would be institutional funds. However, for reimbursement of payment from THECB (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board), an institution must verify and confirm a student meets the 9 SCH (Semester Credit Hours) requirement.

Are these funds subject to the Selective Service criteria since institutions will initially disburse the grant using institutional funds?

Yes, to be eligible for reimbursement by the THECB, the individual must meet the Selective Service criteria described in Texas Education Code (TEC), Section 51.9095.

Can a student receive both the TEXAS Grant and the Transfer Grant in the same semester/term?

Yes, a student can receive both grants simultaneously if all eligibility and program requirements are met.

Should these funds be disbursed like the Reskilling and/or GEER emergency funds so they will not impact current or future aid?

No. The institution is using institutional funds to make the initial disbursement of funds to the recipients and will later be reimbursed by the THECB for all eligible recipients.

Will the Transfer Grant have to be reported on the Financial Aid Database (FAD) report?

Yes. Any other federal grant funds that a student receives to help pay for their cost of attendance should be reported in data element #66 on the FAD.