Intellectual Property Policies

Texas Education Code, Chapter 51, Subchapter O, Section 51.680 requires Texas public higher education institutions to develop and maintain policies on intellectual property. These should at a minimum, include:

  • disclosure of scientific and technological developments, including invention, discoveries, trade secrets, and computer software;
  • institutional review of scientific and technological disclosure, including consideration of ownership and appropriate legal protection;
  • guidelines for licensing scientific and technological developments;
  • clear identification of ownership and licensing responsibilities for each class of intellectual property;
  • royalty participation by inventors and the institution; and
  • equity and management participation on the part of the inventor or inventors in business entities that utilize technology created at the institution of higher education.

Each Texas public higher education institution is required to have a current copy of its intellectual property policy on file with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board or posted on the institution’s website.


Intellectual Property Policies

Inquiries regarding intellectual property policies should be directed to the research team or to Andrew Lofters.

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