Statewide Preceptorship Program

The Texas Statewide Preceptorship Programs in family practice, internal medicine, and pediatrics support student preparation and education efforts at the medical school level. The programs provide direct funding to Texas medical students to encourage them to choose primary care careers by offering an on-site experience in one of three primary care specialties: family practice, general internal medicine, or general pediatrics. The guiding premise of the preceptorship experience is that early exposure to preceptorship programs in a primary care medical specialty may positively influence future career decisions and practice patterns. The Texas Statewide Preceptorship Programs were established in 1978 and codified by Texas Education Code, Chapter 58, Section 58.006.

Medical students typically participate in the preceptorship programs during the summer between their first and second year of medical school. The students work in practicing physicians’ offices and experience the daily life and work of primary care physicians. Participating medical students are encouraged to select a primary care physician whose practice is located away from their medical school. The medical students may select from a volunteer faculty database of practicing primary care physicians located statewide.

For the 2024-2025 biennium, the 88th Texas Legislature appropriated $4,850,000  for the program.

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Statewide Preceptorship Program

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