Open Educational Resources Grant Program (State Funded)

2023 - 2025 Grant Cycle

An Open Educational Resource (OER) is a teaching, learning, or research resource that is in the public domain or has been released under an intellectual property license that permits the free use, adaptation, and redistribution of the resource by any person.

Established in 2018, the OER Grant Program is a competitive program that provides grants to Texas public institutions of higher education to adopt, modify, redesign, or develop courses using only OER. The authority for the OER Grant Program is found in the General Appropriations Act, Senate Bill (S.B.) 1, Article III, Section 49, 87th Legislative Session Regular Session. THECB’s implementing regulations are found in Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Title 19, Part I, Section 4.230 through 4.238.

THECB expects to award two categories of grant awards under this RFA:

Development Grants:

  • A maximum of $25,000 to Texas institutions of higher education to develop new or substantially improve existing OER for one or more courses as detailed in section 3.2 of this RFA. Application should also include a plan for including faculty from at least one other Texas public institution as contributors or peer reviewers. These grants should be matched with one-to-one contributions from the institution or institutions (contributions can be in-kind but cannot include faculty salaries).

Implementation Grants:

  • A maximum of $5,000 to Texas institutions of higher education to support the substantial redesign of one or more courses to incorporate existing OER resources.

The competitive grant will be awarded to public institutions of higher education, with faculty leading the work. The number of development and implementation grants awarded will be contingent upon the amount of appropriation available, and the evaluation of applications by qualified reviewers. The grant period will begin upon execution of a Notice of Grant Award and end on August 31st, 2025.

Estimated Timeline

January 2023 Request for Applications Published
February 8, 2023 Inquiry Deadline
February 10, 2023 11:59 pm C.S.T. Application Deadline
March 2023 THECB Announces Grant Awards
March 2023 Execution of Grant Contracts Begins
Upon Execution of NOGA Grant Period Begins
September 29, 2023 First Deliverables Due to THECB; First Payment (50%)
December 31, 2023 First Project Report is Due to THECB. Second Payment at the End of the First Term the Course is Taught using OER (50%)
December 31, 2024 Second Project Report is Due to THECB
August 31, 2025 Grant Period Ends
September 16, 2025 Final Project Report Due to THECB


Inquiries should be directed to: