Existing Program Changes

Requests for Changes to the Credit-Hour
Requirements of Existing Programs

Institutions of higher education are required to submit requests to the Board for revisions to existing programs per Texas Administrative Code, which outlines revisions to approved programs. Revisions that result in a reduction in the number of overall semester credit hours required for the degree are automatically approved, while revisions that result in an increase in the overall semester credit hours required for the degree must be reviewed and approved by Board staff. Revisions to program curricula that do not change the overall number of required semester credit hours do not require Board approval or notification.

Other Changes to Existing Programs

Simple revisions to the title, degree designation, or Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) code of an existing program require Board staff approval. Please submit the appropriate form signed by your provost through the online submission portal detailing the changes requested and a clear rationale for those changes.

Significant and/or multiple revisions to an existing program may produce such significant change as to effectively create a new program. Staff have developed guidelines to assist institutions weighing the factors to consider in determining whether a proposed change to an existing degree program should instead be presented as a new degree program request.

This document is intended as a guide to assist institutional personnel; it does not provide definitive answers. Coordinating Board staff will need to review a proposal before an answer to a programmatic change request can be given.

This is a living document. If you have suggestions for improvements to this document, please contact Board staff in the Division of Academic and Health Affairs.