Perkins V Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment

Perkins V requires that each institution awarded Perkins Basic Grant funds perform a comprehensive local needs assessment (CLNA) and submit it for approval to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Each CLNA must describe how an institution’s local Perkins program and funding will support career and technical education programs and assist special populations students as required by the act and in response to gaps identified in the CLNA and the institution’s plan for closing the gaps.

Specifically, Section 134(c) of the law states:

“To be eligible to receive financial assistance under this part, an eligible recipient shall—(A) conduct a CLNA related to career and technical education and include the results of the CLNA in the local application submitted under subsection (a); and (B) not less than once every 2 years, update such CLNA.”

The local CLNA process is about helping grantees make a formal shift from merely collecting and reporting information to using information strategically to drive decisions about CTE programs that build pathways to postsecondary success for all students and meet the needs of employers and the community.

Data review November 2023
Identify leadership team and stakeholders November 2023
Gather and develop materials for engagement activities November -December 2023
Solicit and analyze feedback November 2023 – January 2024
Complete CLNA January – March 2024 (DUE March 31, 2024)
Revisions to the FY 2025 CLNA December 1, 2025

Documents needed to complete the CLNA for FY 2025 (2024-2025): (Coming Soon)

Submit your FY 2025 CLNA or CLNA Revision here.

2020-2030 Labor Market Information (LMI) Data Statewide and Regionally (Click the pdf below for your region) – Source: TEA


Carl D. Perkins Information

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