Grad TX

The goal of Grad TX is to increase the number of Texans completing a certificate or degree, in support of the completion goal identified in the state’s 60x30TX higher education plan.

About Grad TX

Grad TX reaches out to students who have left higher education with some college but no credential (SCNC). Participating institutions work with these students, providing supportive and targeted readmission to help them complete their certificates and/or degrees.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) is currently collaborating with the Greater Houston Partnership and Houston-area institutions to develop and implement programs and services through Grad TX 2.0. Grad TX 2.0 includes a central intake portal to help re-engage, re-enroll, and match students to programs and institutions of interest, ultimately increasing the number of Texans who successfully return to higher education and complete high-value credentials.

Grad TX is designed to:

develop a better understanding

of the adult student landscape in Texas and a comprehensive set of best policies, practices, and areas for improvement;

serve students

who have previously stopped out of college without earning a credential;

assist institutions

with eliminating barriers that may cause students to stop out once they return; and

improve statewide communication

providing clear and concise guidance to adult students in Texas and higher education practitioners.

Institutions partnering with the THECB on Grad TX will:


or expand innovative approaches to reach out to former students with SCNC;


returning students maximize their earned college credit hours;


with returning students to identify and overcome obstacles to re-entering and completing college; and


a variety of certificate or degree completion pathways.


Grad TX

Inquiries regarding Grad TX should be directed to Tiffani Tatum.

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