Star Awards Program 2022

The Texas Higher Education Star Awards recognize exceptional contributions toward achieving one or more of the goals of the state strategic plan for higher education. They were established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) in 2001. 

The 2022 Star Awards will recognize institutions of higher education for exceptional contributions toward meeting one or more of the goals of Building a Talent Strong Texas in the following categories

  • Increasing attainment of postsecondary credentials for adult learners by expanding work-based learning programs and a broader array of short-term credentials or badges. 
  • Streamlining student academic and career pathways through innovative course and program redesign and enhanced support services that lead to increased credentials of value that allow for upward social mobility and address state workforce needs. 
  • Increasing opportunity and affordability through strategic uses of financial aid programs and making the costs of postsecondary education more transparent.  
  • Aligning applied research and development efforts with state economic and workforce development priorities, particularly in fields with high current or projected demand. 

Eligible institutions will be nominated by Coordinating Board advisory councils and committees. Award recipients will be announced at the October Coordinating Board meeting and recognized during the 2022 Higher Education Leadership Conference, December 7-8 in Austin. Nominees will be peer identified and applications reviewed by an internal team of agency staff. Recipients will be notified of their selection in October.


Eligible Texas Institutions 

  • Public and independent two- and four-year colleges and universities; 
  • Public and independent health science centers; and 
  • Private postsecondary institutions in Texas authorized by the Coordinating Board to grant degrees. 

General Eligibility

Nominees for the 2022 Star Awards will be identified by Coordinating Board Advisory Councils and Committees. Following an initial peer nomination in consultation with these councils and committees, the chancellor or president of an eligible Texas system or institution will be invited to submit an Application Cover Sheet, along with a brief description (no more than two pages) of how the institution has developed and implemented strategies to advance the goals of Building a Talent Strong Texas. Building a Talent Strong Texas

Inquiries should be directed to:

Nomination Process and Criteria for 2022 Star Awards

For the 2022 awards, Coordinating Board advisory council and advisory committee members will identify institutions suitable for nomination and the Coordinating Board will invite these institutions to apply. Institutions will be identified based on the progress they have made in advancing the goals of the state's strategic plan for higher education. The most important criteria in identifying and evaluating nominees are the following four categories:

  • A clear demonstration of how the institution has developed and implemented strategies that advance Building a Talent Strong Texas goals; 
  • Effective implementation of strategies to equitably expand opportunities for students to pursue and attain credentials of value;
  • Participation in and submission of data to the Student Success Inventory which, along with other data sources, will be used to cross-check and score applications, and;
  • The innovative and creative nature of the strategies used, including evidence that institutional research activity is aligned with the goals of Building a Talent Strong Texas.

Nomination Form: 
Submit your nomination form online by September 16, 2022.


September 16 Deadline for advisory councils and committees to submit nominations
September 19-22 Begin internal review of nominations using existing data resources
September 23 Invite nominated institutions to complete the application process, as outlined in the announcement
October 7 Application deadline for nominated institutions
October 20-21 Star Award winners are notified
October 27 Finalists announced at quarterly Board meeting
December 7-8 Star Award winners recognized at the Texas Higher Education Leadership Conference