Texas Success Initiative and Developmental Education

*We recognize that you may have questions regarding the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) and developmental education relative to the pandemic. Please review THECB’s FAQ related to COVID-19 for questions that pertain to the TSI, TSIA, and developmental education. Many of your questions may also be answered by viewing our TSI/TSIA-Related Updates Webinar from April 9, 2020.*

The purpose of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) program is to guide Texas public institutions of higher education in determining whether entering, non-exempt students are ready for entry-level college coursework in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics through the administration of the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA). Students who do not meet one or more of the established benchmarks of the TSIA are required to participate in developmental education support prior to, or together with, enrollment in college-level coursework. Developmental supports such as corequisite and non-course competency-based options help students succeed in meeting their academic and career goals.

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TSI Statute and THECB Rules Applying to Testing and Developmental Education

TSI Assessment 2.0 (TSIA2) Resources

TSI Assessment Resources (prior to January 11, 2021)

Corequisite Model (House Bill 2223) Resources

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