Research Reports, Policies and Resources

Reports on Expenditures under TCRF and CRSF

Reports on Expenditures under TCRF and CRSF
Institutions that received funds from the Texas Comprehensive Research Fund (TCRF) or the Core Research Support Fund (CRSF) must report the manner in which they used the appropriated funds in the preceding fiscal year. Institutions should use the Usage Report Form to report to the Coordinating Board by December 1 of each year.

Reports on Special Research Topics

Human Stem Cell Research
Annual report regarding human stem cell research, obtained from Coordinating Board's inventory of all institutional and programmatic research activities. The report is due to the legislature by January 1 of each year. The purpose of this report is outlined in Texas Education Code, Chapter 61 Subchapter C. Our most recent published reports are available below:

Aerospace Technology Research

The Aerospace Technology Research report provides a summary of aerospace technology research conducted by public senior colleges and universities. The report is compiled each even-numbered year for use by the Aerospace and Aviation Office at the Governor’s Office. The purpose of this report is outlined in Texas Government Code Chapter 481, Subchapter A, Section 481.0066 (d-2)(3).

Policies and Resources

Intellectual Property Policies
Information and guidelines for Texas public higher education institutions to develop and maintain policies on intellectual property.

Reporting Program for Controlled Substances (MOU)
Guidelines for a reporting program for controlled substances and related analogues, chemical precursors, and laboratory apparatus, used in applicable education or research institutions. Memorandum of Understanding -- Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).

Strategic Plans for Research and Emerging Research Universities
Institutional guidelines for submission of a Strategic Plan for Achieving Recognition as a Research University.

University Funding for Excellence in Specific Programs and Fields
Incentive grants may be awarded to raise the quality of programs to the level of national excellence. Eligible institutions are general academic institutions that are not state colleges, research universities, or emerging research universities. The purpose of these awards are outlined in Texas Administrative Code Chapter 5, Subchapter H.

One-Time Incentive Award: Institutions may become eligible for a one-time award for a program that has already achieved national excellence.

Benchmark Award: Grants may be awarded based on an institution's demonstrated commitment to developing a degree program or improving the quality of an existing program by reaching benchmarks established by external consultants.

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