Research Funding in Texas

Scientific research conducted at higher education institutions is vital for identifying and developing new knowledge that leads to groundbreaking innovations. Innovation drives the state’s economy and improves quality of life. High-quality, effective, and efficient research efforts require the appropriate level of funding, including from the federal government, the major source of research funds. Strong programs for all types of research – basic research, applied research, and technology transfer – build on one another, making them paramount to a strong economy. Strong research programs also provide state-of-the-art educational opportunities for students and attract the best faculty. For a complete overview of Research Funding in Texas or Research Appropriations, click on either of the following inks:

Research Expenditures

Total research expenditures, based on all research conducted, and restricted research expenditures, for expenditures for which an external entity has placed limitations of use.

Research Funding and Programs

Research funding consists of qualifying institutional funds, institutional allocated funds, and competitive research funds.

Research Reports, Policies and Resources

Reports on use of appropriated funds and special research topics, research policies and research resources for public institutions.

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