Universities and Health-Related Institutions Liaisons

The University and Health-Related Institution (UHRI) Liaisons serve as a single point of contact between each of the UHRI and the Coordinating Board. The Liaisons, selected by the institutions, receive all communications from the Coordinating Board to universities and health-related institutions. Including the liaisons on communications with the institutions provides a consistent point of contact to improve the dissemination of critical information in a timely manner and ensure that information will be routed to the appropriate individuals. The Liaisons are critical to the Coordinating Board's communication efforts, as they effectively and appropriately distribute information within institutions.

Each year the Coordinating Board staff hosts a liaisons meeting, which includes an overview of the Coordinating Board, its staff, functions, procedures, operations, and higher education issues. The purpose of the meeting is for the Liaisons to better understand the role and responsibilities of the Coordinating Board and topics of interest to UHRIs.

Inquiries should be directed to Christina.Kelley@highered.texas.gov or contact the Academic and Health Affairs Division at 512-427-6200.