Sources and Uses

The Sources and Uses report provides annual financial report information by fund group for Texas public institutions of higher education (excluding community colleges). The report presents individual institutions' all funds sources and uses of available funds in the given fiscal year (excluding system administrations). The reports have been used since they were first developed in 2004 at the request of the Joint Interim Select Committee on Higher Education with FY 2003 financial data. The presentation format was developed with input from legislative staff, institution representatives, and Coordinating Board staff.

Note: The Excel versions of Sources and Uses and Research Expenditures are provided for the convenience of reference and further analysis by institutions. The Excel workbooks are Coordinating Board internal working papers used to generate the Sources and Uses publication and generate output to other systems, such as Accountability and the Almanac. As such, these workbooks may not be optimized for printing areas, screen zoom size, or cursor placement. The workbooks have been indexed with hyperlinks for ease of navigation. Additional resources for all years are available under Sources and Uses Historical Reports.

Sources and Uses of Funds PDF Report

General Academic Institutions Excel Detail

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