Funding & Facilities

Funding and facilities resources for Texas public institutions of higher education, including, where applicable, general academic institutions, health-related institutions and community, state and technical colleges.


Formula Funding
Basis of legislative and formula funding appropriations to Texas public higher education institutions is provided along with formula advisory committee and expenditure study information.

Sources and Uses
Sources and Uses reports provides annual financial report information by fund group for Texas public institutions of higher education (excluding community colleges). Excel workbooks for Sources and Uses and Research Expenditures are also provided by institution type.

Community College Financial Condition Report
An overall financial health analysis of Texas public community colleges intended as a general financial evaluation.

Tuition and Fees Data
Tuition and fees data are provided by Texas public higher education institution type.

Financial Reporting
Reporting portals and resources for submitting financial reports to the THECB, including Legislative Appropriations Requests (LAR), Operating Budgets (BUD), Annual Financial Reports (AFR), Community College Annual Reporting and Analysis Tool (CARAT) and Report of Fundable Operating Expenses (RFOE).

Section 63 Report
A report and associated data in relation to General Appropriations Act, Senate Bill 1, Article III, Section 63, 87th Texas Legislature, Regular Session that requires the Legislative Budget Board and the Coordinating Board to produce a report on COVID-19 related federal aid money to public institutions of higher education.


Capital Expenditure Plans
The THECB collects and reports information on the capital expenditure plans of public universities, health-related institutions, state, and technical colleges.

Includes the Space Usage Efficiency (SUE) metric, Space Projection Model, and construction cost standards.