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For your convenience, the divisions and their lead support staff are listed below. You can use the staff look-up feature to search for any Coordinating Board staff member.

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Lead Staff

Commissioner's Office
Fax: (512) 427-6127 (View All Staff)
Harrison Keller Commissioner of Higher Education (512) 427-6101
Sylvia Anguiano Executive Assistant (512) 427-6104

Internal Audit & Compliance
Fax: (512) 427-6127 (View All Staff)
Mark Poehl Director, Internal Audit (512) 427-6161

General Counsel's Office
Fax: (512) 427-6127 (View All Staff)
Nichole Bunker-Henderson General Counsel (512) 427-6297

Academic Planning and Policy
Fax: (512) 427-6127 (View All Staff)
(Vacant) Deputy Commissioner / Chief Academic Officer
(Vacant) Assistant Deputy Commissioner
Mary Mitchell Executive Assistant (512) 427-6566
(Vacant) Senior Director, Development

Innovation and Policy Development
Fax: (512) 427-6127 (View All Staff)
Ginger Gossman Senior Director (512) 427-6452

Academic Quality and Workforce
Fax: (512) 427-6168 (View All Staff)
(Vacant) Assistant Commissioner
(Vacant) Administrative Support

Academic Quality
Fax: (512) 427-6168 (View All Staff)
(Vacant) Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Dr. James Goeman Asst. Director, Graduate and Professional Studies (512) 427-6249
Jodie Lopez Administrative Support (512) 427-6224
(Vacant) Asst. Director, Undergraduate Studies
Christina Kelley Administrative Support (512) 427-6431

Fax: (512) 427-6168 (View All Staff)
(Vacant) Deputy Assistant Commissioner
(Vacant) Asst. Director, Workforce Quality
(Vacant) Administrative Support
Amy Zandy Administrative Support (512) 427-6523
Vanessa Malo Senior Program Director, Teacher Quality Grants (512) 427-6267

Strategic Planning and Funding
Fax: (512) 427-6147 (View All Staff)
(Vacant) Assistant Commissioner
B. J. Bishop Administrative Support (512) 427-6540
(Vacant) Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Cheryl Rosipal Administrative Support (512) 427-6132
(Vacant) Senior Director, Special Projects

Strategic Planning
Fax: (512) 427-6147 (View All Staff)
(Vacant) Director, Strategic Planning
Dr. Linda Hargrove Director, Research and Evaluation (512) 427-6122
(Vacant) Interim Director, Educational Data Center

Fax: (512) 427-6147 (View All Staff)
(Vacant) Director, Funding

College Readiness and Success
Fax: (512) 427-6444 (View All Staff)
Jerel Booker Assistant Commissioner (512) 427-6247
(Vacant) Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Suzanne Morales-Vale Director, Developmental and Adult Education (512) 427-6262
(Vacant) Director, Outreach and Strategic Initiative
Diana Foose Administrative Support (512) 427-6318
Kendra Horn Administrative Support (512) 427-6208
(Vacant) Administrative Support

Agency Operations and Communications
Fax: (512) 427-6127 (View All Staff)
(Vacant) Deputy Commissioner / Chief Operating Officer
(Vacant) Executive Assistant

External Relations
Fax: (512) 427-6127 (View All Staff)
John Wyatt Director (512) 427-6586
Lizette Montiel Assistant Director, State Relations (512) 427-6124
(Vacant) Assistant Director, Fiscal Policy
(Vacant) Assistant Director, Communications
(Vacant) Administrative Support

Human Resources
Fax: (512) 427-6510 (View All Staff)
Human Resources HR Main Line (512) 427-6190
Glenn Tramel Director, Human Resources (512) 427-6193
Lakshmy Haridas Assistant Director, Human Resources (512) 427-6573

Financial Services
Fax: (512) 427-6169 (View All Staff)
Kenneth Martin Assistant Commissioner / Chief Financial Officer (512) 427-6173
Karen Taylor Senior Director, Finance Operations (512) 427-6192
Glenn Osher Director, Financial Reporting (512) 427-6174

Student Financial Aid Programs
Fax: (512) 427-6570 (View All Staff)
Charles Contero-Puls Deputy Assistant Commissioner (512) 427-6365
(Vacant) Senior Director, Student Financial Aid Programs
Rinn Harper Director, Borrower Services (512) 427-6369
Decha Reid Director, Financial Aid Services (512) 427-6393

Information Solutions and Services
Fax: (512) 427-6447 (View All Staff)
Zhenzhen Sun Assistant Commissioner/Chief Information Officer (512) 427-6259
(Vacant) Senior Director, IT Operations and Continuous Improvement
Stacie Jakle Senior Director, Business Solutions and User Engagement (512) 427-6314
(Vacant) Information Security Officer