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Fiscal Year: 2021

313  The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley  (84609)

Principal Investigator: Yallapu, Murali

Total Amount of Contract, Award, or Gift (Annual before 2011): $ 1,453,000

Exceeds $250,000 (Is it flagged?): Yes

Start and End Dates: 5/18/21 - 3/31/25

Restricted Research: YES

Academic Discipline: N/A

Department, Center, School, or Institute: Immunology and Microbiology

Title of Contract, Award, or Gift: miR-205 Nanoparticle system circumvents docetaxel resistance in prostate cancer

Name of Granting or Contracting Agency/Entity: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Program Title: Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biological Chemistry Research
CFDA Linked: Biomedical Research and Research Training


Tumor suppressor microRNAs (miRNAs, in this case miR-205) extends the ability to turn off specific genes or pathways associated to cancer cell survival, metastasis and drug resistance, however, efficient delivery to tumors is hampered to due to stability and toxicity issues. Therefore, we propose to use a dual layered magnetic nanoplatform of miR-205 to CRPC tumors which can significantly improve tumor treatment, lower drug resistance and recurrence. In addition, this SCORE Program SC01 application will promote the research competitiveness of Dr. Yallapu at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV), which has focused on training and graduating students from backgrounds nationally underrepresented in biomedical research. SAMs 1.1.1

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