Restricted Research - Award List, Note/Discussion Page

Fiscal Year: 2021

199  University of North Texas  (84495)

Principal Investigator: Berman,Diana

Total Amount of Contract, Award, or Gift (Annual before 2011): $ 900

Exceeds $250,000 (Is it flagged?): No

Start and End Dates: - 8/14/21

Restricted Research: NO

Academic Discipline: Materials Science & Engineer

Department, Center, School, or Institute: College of Engineering

Title of Contract, Award, or Gift: Brewer Testing

Name of Granting or Contracting Agency/Entity: Brewer Science, Inc.


Program Title: N/A


Description of Research Activities: The period of performance of this research will cover a period of approximately 2 months. The major focus of this research program will be to process the polymer samples with alumina infiltration. Task (1) Alumina infiltration. Details: UNT will perform Sequential Infiltration Synthesis (SIS) of the samples received from the company. Brewer will supply 18 samples with different parameters being used for processing. The samples will be divided into multiple batches (approximately 3). Each batch can differ in terms of the starting composition of the polymer and substrate properties or the type of surface after-treatment. If needed additional modification processes will be tested. Reports – Including Type and Frequency: One report of completion of process after SIS is completed. SIS treated samples will be shipped back to Rolla possibly after some characterization.


Withdrawn per email response to questioning (July 30, 2021)


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