Proposal Tracking System

Recent Program and Administrative Proposals

Assigned Staff: For information about the status of a pending request, you may contact the staff member assigned to that proposal.

Status/Action Column:
  • Pending--not yet acted upon by the Coordinating Board
  • ACK--Acknowledged
  • AUB--Authorized by the Board
  • APC--Approved by the Commissioner
  • APS--Approved by Coordinating Board staff
  • CTG--Contingent upon resources
  • DEF--Deferred
  • DNC or DNS--Denied by the Commissioner or Coordinating Board staff
  • INR--Institution Notification Received
  • NAN--No Action Needed
  • NAP--Not Approved
  • RTN--Returned to Institution
  • RVD--Reviewed by Coordinating Board staff
  • WDI--Withdrawn by institution


Institution Program Name Degree CIP Code Respond By Staff Status
Lone Star College District Emergency Management BAS 43.0302.00 12/04/21 Jessica Acton Pending
Navarro College Nursing BSN 51.3801.00 11/19/21 Jessica Acton Pending
SFASU Electrical Engineering BS 14.1001.00 11/06/21 Allen Michie Pending
SFASU Mechanical Engineering BS 14.1901.00 11/06/21 Allen Michie Pending
SFASU Social Work DSW 44.0701.00 11/20/21 Melinda Valdez Pending
TAMUSA Cyber security PHD 11.1003.00 07/31/21 Melinda Valdez Pending
TaSU Legal Studies BS 22.0000.00 12/01/21 Melinda Valdez Pending
TTU One Health Sciences PHD 01.8110.00 06/10/21 Allen Michie Pending
UH Business Administration EDBA 52.0201.00 07/30/21 Allen Michie Pending
UNT Business Administration DBA 52.0101.00 07/28/21 Allen Michie Pending
UTA Applied Sociology BS 45.1102.00 12/03/21 Melinda Valdez Pending
UTD Business Administration DBA 52.1399.01 03/31/21 Allen Michie Pending
UTEP Bilingual Education MED 13.0201.00 10/22/21 Allen Michie Pending
UTEP Occupational Therapy OTD 51.2306.00 06/09/21 Jessica Acton Pending
UTPB Energy Business MS 52.1399.01 10/29/21 Allen Michie Pending
UTSA Molecular Microbiology and Immunology PHD 26.0508.00 09/30/21 Audra Patridge Pending
UTT Medicine MD 51.1201.00 04/08/21 Jessica Acton Pending
Alamo Community College District -- Palo Alto College DENTAL HYGIENE A 51.0602 10/07/21 Duane Hiller APS
Galveston College HOSPITALITY C 52.0901 11/21/21 Duane Hiller Pending
Howard College COMPUTER & INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECURITY AC 11.0101 09/09/21 Duane Hiller APS
Howard College COMPUTER SOFTWARE & MEDIA APPLICATIONS AC 11.0101 09/09/21 Duane Hiller APS
Howard College INSTRUCTIONAL AIDE AC 13.1501 09/09/21 Duane Hiller APS
Laredo College AAS IN EMERGENCY RESPONSE MANAGEMENT AC 43.0301 12/04/21 Duane Hiller Pending
Laredo College AAS IN FIRE PROTECTION AND SAFETY TECHNOLOGY AC 43.0203 12/15/21 Duane Hiller Pending
Lone Star College - North Harris BASIC PEACE OFFICER, NON-CREDIT CERTIFICATE CE 43.0107 11/13/21 Duane Hiller APS
Lone Star College - North Harris EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT, AAS AC 43.0302 11/12/21 Duane Hiller Pending
Lone Star College - Tomball MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY, AAS A 51.1004 11/12/21 Duane Hiller APS
South Plains College AA MEXICAN AMERICAN STUDIES (FOS) A 05.0203 12/23/21 Duane Hiller Pending
South Texas College AA EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION A 19.0711 12/29/21 Duane Hiller Pending
Temple College AA MUSICAL THEATRE A 50.0509 12/09/21 Duane Hiller Pending
Temple College AA THEATRE A 50.0501 12/09/21 Duane Hiller Pending
Temple College AS KINESIOLOGY A 31.0505 12/09/21 Duane Hiller Pending
Tyler Junior College DIAGNOSTIC ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY A 51.0910 11/14/21 Duane Hiller Pending
Weatherford College AUDIO ENGINEERING AC 10.0203 09/15/21 Duane Hiller APS
Weatherford College AUTOMATION AND ROBOTICS AC 15.0405 12/02/21 Duane Hiller Pending


Institution Request Respond By Assigned Staff Status
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