Proposal Tracking System

Selected New Program and Major Administrative Requests

Procedure for Comments: If you would like to comment on any new program or administrative requests, please do so by the "Submit Comment By" date. Send comments to with a copy to the Vice President for Academic Affairs of the proposing institution.

Comments can be mailed to:
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
P.O. Box 12788
Austin, Texas 78711

Programmatic and administrative proposals are listed separately below.

Assigned Staff: For information about the status of a pending request, you may contact the staff member assigned to that proposal.


Institution Program Name Degree CIP Code Submit Comment By Staff Status
UTA Resources and Energy Engineering BS 14.4801.00 12/31/21 Allen Michie Pending
UTEP Sociology PHD 45.1101.00 12/31/21 Jessica Acton Pending
UTT Cyber Security and Data Analytics MS 11.1003.00 12/31/21 Audra Patridge Pending
Austin Community College Manufacturing Engineering Technology BAT 15.0613.00 12/23/21 Jessica Acton Pending
TWU Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies BA 05.0207.00 12/19/21 Allen Michie Pending
MSU Industrial Technology BS 15.0612.00 12/15/21 Audra Patridge Closed
UTPB Finance MS 27.0305.00 12/15/21 Allen Michie Pending
South Texas College AA EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION A 19.0711 12/29/21 Duane Hiller Pending
South Plains College AA MEXICAN AMERICAN STUDIES (FOS) A 05.0203 12/23/21 Duane Hiller Pending
Laredo College AAS IN FIRE PROTECTION AND SAFETY TECHNOLOGY AC 43.0203 12/15/21 Duane Hiller Pending
Temple College AA MUSICAL THEATRE A 50.0509 12/09/21 Duane Hiller Pending
Temple College AA THEATRE A 50.0501 12/09/21 Duane Hiller Pending
Temple College AS KINESIOLOGY A 31.0505 12/09/21 Duane Hiller Pending


Institution Request Submit Comment By Assigned Staff Status
No Administrative Proposals within the last month