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IDD Postsecondary Program Information

Program NAME:

Project Access

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Cindy Morgan





Palo Alto College's Project Access is a unique program offered to individuals with documented intellectual disabilities. It is designed to support the student to access postsecondary education developing skills for gainful employment. The General Office Certificate is the first level of training for working in the Administrative Support field, and can lead to an Associate of Applied Science degree in Administrative Assistant. The program prepares the students to gain comprehensive skills and assume responsibilities in the workplace. Students will have advanced training with computer technology to prepare for the constantly changing and increasingly automated business environment. This is a cohort based program with a limited number of seats available per semester.

Are students in High School ELIGIBLE for this program?


Types of COLLEGE COURSES taken by students in this program:

  • College courses for credit that lead to a certificate or degree

Options for APPLYING for admission to this program:

  • Regular college/university admissions process
  • Specific application

After completing this program, students are eligible to earn the following CREDENTIALS:

General Office Level 1 Certificate. After completion of the initial certificate, students have the opportunity to continue seeking additional certificates. Data Entry Technician Level 1 Certificate and Bill and Account Collector Level 1 Certificate.

LENGTH OF TIME expected to complete this program:

3 semesters

SPECIAL COURSES designed for students with IDD in this program:

  • There are NO special courses specifically for students with IDD

FEES associated with this program:


SCHOLARSHIPS available for this program:


RESIDENTIAL options for on-campus living: