Postsecondary Programs and Services for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities - North Central Texas College

IDD Postsecondary Programs

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Office for Students with Disabilities The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) provides accommodations for students with disabilities. OSD counselor/specialist also provide strategies for academic success; individual, career, and academic counseling services; referrals to campus and community services, and assistance with admission and registration. It is not necessary that a student with a disability disclose his/her disability to college officials if he/she is not requesting any accommodations. OSD is federally funded through the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Federal Grant. North Central Texas College is committed to making its degree and certificate programs accessible to all qualified persons in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and The Rehabilitation Act (1973), Section 504. Wayne Smith 940-498-6207 View Details

IDD Services

INSTRUCTIONAL Services offered for students with IDD:

Students have to self-identify to request classroom accommodations. Although NCTC does not have any specific programs or courses designated specifically for the identified populations, NCTC does offer transition services and accommodations to the identified students in our service area. NCTC also makes sure that the identified students have access to all services available to all NCTC students.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT/JOB SUPPORT Services offered for students with IDD:


Volunteer work

Work study


Person-centered planning

ADDITIONAL Services  offered for students with IDD:

Advocacy, Vocational Assessments