Postsecondary Programs and Services for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities - Tarrant County College District

IDD Postsecondary Programs

Program NAME Program Description Program Contact Person Program Contact Phone Number Program Details
A Step Above & A Step Beyond Is a transitional program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Erika Zimmermann 817-515-4598 View Details
STEPS Skills, Training & Enrichment for Promoting Courses for individuals with IDD. To enhance academic, employability, social and self-sufficiency skills for meeting life's goals. Debra Sykes West 817-515-6500 View Details
Autism Spectrum Disorder Program This program is designed to assist autism students with navigating college. It also focuses on self-sufficiency and study skills. Vicki Moss 817-515-2500 View Details
First Choice Our goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs. The First Choice Program on Southeast Campus empowers you with the tools you need to confront challenges as you transition from dependency to independent living. We also provide specialized training and education if you want to enhance your livelihood without taking standard college courses. Vicki Moss 817-515-2500 View Details
STAR (Student Trained and Ready) To polish the life and work skills of post secondary students with mild to moderate disabilities by concentrated instruction in the actual skills they need to be successful in life. Most of these skills will be taught or reinforced in community settings. Waymond Stewart 817-515-1071 View Details
College Exploration College Exploration is designed to Create a forum where persons with disabilities can meet with hiring managers, employment specialists, educators and social services specialists to gain information about job opportunities and related resources for persons with disabilities; to learn techniques to help in the job search process and discover current communication techniques and suggested ways to disclose disabilities; and learn ways to help promote themselves during the job search. Waymond Stewart 817-515-1071 View Details

IDD Services

INSTRUCTIONAL Services offered for students with IDD:


CAREER DEVELOPMENT/JOB SUPPORT Services offered for students with IDD:


Volunteer work

Community Service

Work study

Job Shadowing


Person-centered planning

ADDITIONAL Services  offered for students with IDD:

South Campus - provides access to the Family Empowerment Center for a variety of services at no cost; hire eligible students for part-time employment in their College for Kids Program. Northeast Campus - a collaboration with the Hurst Euless Bedford ISD for consultation and follow-up visits from their transition teacher and transition specialist as well as transportation services for enrolled students. All TCC Campuses - students may participate in student clubs and organizations and other activities such as plays, health fairs, and job fairs.