Who to Contact

General Information about Texas ORP:

ORP Resources and Information

Specific Information about Your ORP:

  • authorized ORP companies / investment options
  • local employer contribution rate
  • records of your past participation in ORP
  • local policies and procedures

Contact:  Your Human Resources Office

     Contact Info -- Texas Higher Education Institutions
     (Texas ORP is only available at institutions in "Public Institutions" category.)

Retiree Insurance:

Retirement Information for ORP Participants [PDF]

Contact:  Your last ORP Employer

     UTS/TAMUS Component Institutions:   Your Human Resources Office

     Other Colleges/Universities:  Benefits Coordinator in your Human Resources Office

          ERS Customer Service: (877) 275-4377 – Ask for Specialty Insurance Dept.
          ERS webpage: Retiree Insurance Eligibility (Higher Education Employees)