Graduate Education Advisory Committee**

The GEAC's purview includes a regular review of current issues relating to graduate education at public universities and health-related institutions in the state. The GEAC makes policy recommendations to staff and the Board. GEAC created the template institutions use to report their Characteristics of Doctoral Education, a set of key statistics for each doctoral program, which is required for all public institutions of higher education to post on their websites. GEAC recently began work on a Strategic Plan for Graduate Education, outlining long-term goals for graduate education in Texas.

Current Status: GEAC is a standing, non-statutory committee that was established in 2005 and its purpose is outlined in the Texas Administrative Code.

Meeting Schedule: GEAC meets two to four times per year. Agendas are posted in the Texas Register a minimum of seven days before a meeting.

Membership: There are 24 GEAC Members who serve three-year terms. Many of the committee members are Graduate Deans. Members are nominated by their institutions, and they are selected to evenly represent public, graduate-degree-granting institutions of all sizes, regions, and missions. There is at least one representative from a private research institution and one graduate student member.

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