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88th Texas Legislature Makes Historic Investments in Higher Education 

June 2, 2023, AUSTIN, TX As Texas continues to break records for adding new jobs that require advance education and training, the Texas Legislature demonstrated its support for higher education with historic investments of more than $5 billion for the next biennium. Texas Commissioner of Higher Education Harrison Keller released the following statement:  

“The 88th Legislature showed Texas’ commitment to expanding opportunity through higher education and our determination to be at the forefront of higher education research, development, and innovation,” said Commissioner Keller. “We now have a clear path to advancing our higher education goals, giving all Texans greater opportunities for success, while powering the state’s economic leadership into the future.”   

In his State of Higher Education address last December, Commissioner Keller called on higher education leaders to seize the opportunities ahead and commit to achieving impact at scale. The 88th Legislature has delivered a wide range of funding and programs to support Texas students and higher education institutions in achieving the state’s goals for Building a Talent Strong Texas


Key Higher Education Legislation Impacting Texas:

House Bill 8, which overhauls the state funding system for community colleges, and House Joint Resolution 3 and House Bill 1595, which establish the Texas University Fund to expand the state’s investment in research at Texas public universities, are historic changes in higher education.   

Research, development, and innovation have always been a priority in Texas, and establishment of the Texas Space Commission under House Bill 3447 and Texas Semiconductor Innovation Consortium through House Bill 5174 will help ensure Texas leadership in these critical fields that are vital to national security and economic competitiveness.  

More Texans of all ages will be able to access and succeed in higher education, thanks to the expansion of the Texas Leadership Scholars Program in House Bill 1590, the Texas First Scholarship in Senate Bill 2294, and the new Texas Opportunity High School Diploma in Senate Bill  2139.  

Increased funding for student financial aid and loan repayment programs were approved through House Bill 1, the General Appropriations Act, for a wide variety of programs such as a new nursing scholarship established under Senate Bill 25. Funding for these programs will transform access for students in high-demand fields like healthcare, while ensuring graduates can complete their education with no or manageable debt. 


The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) was created by the Texas Legislature in 1965 and serves as a resource, partner, and advocate for Texas higher education, resulting in a globally competitive workforce that positions Texas as an international leader. 


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